Surgical robot makes patient outcome dreams a reality

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Robotic surgery helps make patient outcome dreams a reality.

CHAMBERSBURG — Imagine the possibility of having a major surgical procedure and being able to quickly return to normal daily activities. For many surgery patients in Franklin County, this isn't just something to dream about, but a reality, thanks to robotic surgery.

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is a benefit for surgeons and patients alike, according to Dr. Ashish Behari of Summit Urology Group.

“Robotic surgery enhances precision and gives surgeons complete control of movement,” he said. “Robotic surgery has done a lot of good for patients because it means less bleeding at the time of surgery and shorter hospital stays with less pain. That translates to a quicker return to normal activities.”

Surgery is performed using the da Vinci Si surgical robot at Chambersburg Hospital. A range of minimally invasive procedures are possible with the system, including hysterectomies, splenectomies and surgeries on the kidneys, prostate and pelvis. It also is used for procedures involving hernias, the intestine and gallbladder, as well as to perform delicate surgeries on the ears, nose and throat.

Dr. D. Shaun Bryant of Summit Surgical Group explained that the da Vinci robot offers area residents advanced levels of surgical care otherwise found in more metropolitan locales.

“Robotic surgeries are advantageous for those who qualify because of the very positive patient outcomes,” he noted. “This advanced technology is something people living in rural areas previously had to travel a few hours to get.”

While surgeries are performed at Chambersburg Hospital, many pre- and post-operative appointments are able to be scheduled with specialty practices in the Waynesboro Medical Office Building.