Tie a knot to help with comforter blitz at Cumberland Valley Relief Center

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Cumberland Valley Relief Center, in cooperation with Mennonite Central Committee, sends knotted comforters to those in need around the world. Comforters are sent to hospitals, refugee camps, orphanages and locations experiencing disasters.

Anyone wishing to help with this project is invited to the bi-annual Comforter Blitz from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23, at the Cumberland Valley Relief Center, 4225 Molly Pitcher Hwy. South, Chambersburg.

The goal is to knot 100 comforters that day.

Anyone who can tie a knot can help. It is helpful to bring large-eyed needles for knotting, scissors, thimbles and needle threaders.

Donations of materials are also welcome. Items needed are: knotting thread and supplies, #10 knit-crochet thread in colors other than white/cream; batting; comfort backs, fabric at least 4 inches larger than tops on all sides.

Questions may be directed to 717-375-2088.