Antrim Township dog park talk

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Heraty reported on a “troubling” find at the Antrim Township Community Park dog park. He had been at the park recently, and saw seven large dogs, tended by three adults, in the small dog pen. The owners said someone from Antrim Township had told them it was OK, since the big pen was so dusty, as long as they put the dogs on their own side if someone came along with small dogs.

Later Heraty noticed two small dogs on their proper side, but the seven big ones were still there. The adults said, “It’s not really a big deal.”

Heraty also saw water buckets with stagnant water, which should be dumped to prevent the spread of diseases.

He was concerned about Antrim’s liability if problems occurred because of the mixing of dog sizes in one pen.

“We need to get serious about what goes on out there, or just shut the dog park down,” he said.