Cherry pie sale benefits goals of Grace women

Some of the ladies who helped at the annual Grace Snyder Circle pie sale were, from left: Nellie Stahl, Grace Gearhart and Lorna Thomas.

Over 250 cherry pies were baked just in time for Valentine’s Day, but the annual fundraiser for Grace Snyder Circle at Grace United Church of Christ really honors another notable day.

“It’s basically for George,” said Nancy Myers, head of the endeavor.

The event is held around President’s Day, and recognizes the legend of George Washington, who maybe, but probably did not, chop down a cherry tree as a young boy.

Grateful for the sale of fresh double crust and cherry crumb pies, both regular and sugar free, customers placed their orders in advance. Some were lucky enough for buy as walk-ins during distribution the afternoons of Feb. 12 and 13.

The 18 Grace Circle members enjoyed the process every year - some working at church from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, constructing pies, baking them in two ovens, organizing the orders, and collecting the money.

“I like getting together with everyone,” said Grace Gearhart. “The camaraderie, and having lunch together.”

Her husband Bob was one of the few men to join in, and he said he just cracked the whip on the group. He really helped with the baking.

Nellie Stahl monitored 25 pies in a newer oven, and five in another. The older double-oven worked on only one side, so production was slowed. But the long day was worthwhile.

“I love being with my fellow Christians,” she said.

Cathy Kefauver was participating for the first time. “I put the filling in, they put the crust on. We all chip in.”

Grace Snyder Circle has been selling the pies for about 35 years, and people kept coming back because of the homemade goodness, said Gearhart.

One customer looked over the selections and chose the best one, which was “on the well done side.” His friend Todd Dorsett decided on the spur of the moment to buy one for himself. Pies were also available unbaked.

Proceeds went into important projects for the Circle.

“It is our only fundraiser,” Myers said. “We give the proceeds to the food banks, and to help our church get things we need.”

Stahl added that they made a donation to Relay for Life as well.