Molly has to retire since Daugherty is

Debbie Daugherty could say “Molly is in the House” but it won’t be true after Tuesday. The two are retiring as Greencastle office personnel for Rep. Todd Rock, a member of the House of Representatives in Harrisburg. Rock did not run for re-election, and his seat was won by Paul Schemel, who has not announced his office locations.

Molly and Debbie Daugherty are retiring. The pair have been working for Rep. Todd Rock for the past eight years, though only Daugherty was paid. Rock’s term of office ends this month as representative for the 90th District in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Daugherty is a Legislative Aide, but she also had her own assistant. She was used to having a pooch by her side earlier in her career. Boomer was present when she worked from home as Montgomery Township Tax Collector for 22 years. When the job opportunity to work for the House of Representatives came along from Rock in 2007, she was not happy to leave Molly at home.

Her husband Charles bought her a battery-operated dog that appeared to be breathing. She put it in the window of Rock’s first office at 7 S. Carlisle St., but it didn’t prevent Daugherty from missing Molly. She told her boss as much.

“He graciously suggested I bring her with me to work,” Daugherty remembered. “He didn’t have to tell me twice!”

Molly has had an admirable attendance record ever since. People coming in for repeat visits, most recently at 39 Chambers Lane, looked forward to the cocker spaniel’s wagging tail and quiet demeanor. They would pet her, talk to her and sometimes bring treats.

“And it was a nice surprise for the others to see a friendly face greeting them,” Daugherty said. “It’s been a plus for the office.”

Molly just celebrated her 10th birthday, and went on her traditional outing to McDonald’s for an ice cream cone.

The office will close on Nov. 18, and Molly may not be ready to lose touch with Rock’s constituents.

“I’m trying to break it to her gently. She loves to ‘go’,” said Daugherty. She herself, though, is looking forward to retirement.

“After 30 years in public service, I’m ready.”