Kids help a peer

Young people from Greencastle Presbyterian Church took advantage of Sidewalk Days to raise money for a child undergoing cancer treatment. Pictured, from left: Jason Palmer, Ryan Marconi, Carter Mills (in front), Racheal Marconi, Kara Herrmann, Julia Herrmann and Julia Mills.

MacKenzie McCarter, 10, under treatment for relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia, made an appearance at Greencastle Presbyterian Church on Friday morning. The youth of the church were raising funds for the Hagerstown girl during Sidewalk Days.

"It was neat for them to meet the person they have been praying for, and been pen pals with," said Mary Ann Ackerman. The child was the daughter of her co-worker.

Kara Herrmann, 10, said it was "cool" to see MacKenzie. "I've never met someone going through that. She's just a regular person. She looked good."

Eighteen children in grades 1-12 are participating in the church's "Watch It Grow" youth stewardship program. They were each given $20 in seed money in May, to multiply it by October to help with the family's medical expenses.

"They can do as much as they want," said Ackerman. "Each youth has an adult sponsor to help them with their ideas."

Projects were varied, and included the sales of sandwiches, baked goods, yard sale and homemade wooden items, handcrafted jewelry and cards, planters and flowers.

Snow cones were also given out on a donation basis. The youngsters will continue to generate initiatives through the fall.