Besore has new director and youth librarian

Jill Yaich is the director of Besore Memorial Library. She has an advanced degree in library science.

A new director is in charge of Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library. Jill Yaich began her duties on May 1, succeeding Laura Bailie, who took on other responsibilities within the Franklin County Library System.

Yaich was head of reference services for FCLS since 2007, with her office at Coyle Free Library. She earned a Masters of Library Science from Clarion University. Greencastle is a new setting for the Chambersburg resident.

“I’m getting to know staff and the community,” she said. “The summer reading program is exciting and nerve-wracking.”

Yaich oversees the Besore staff, plans the programming, makes sure the collections are what the public needs, and assures the facility provides literacy services for the community.

“I’ve always been interested in knowledge,” she said. “Libraries keep people informed. Everyone has the opportunity to become what they want to be at the public library.”

Yaich is focused on increasing the number of programs for adults and advancing the ideals of PA Forward. The Pennsylvania Library Association believes ‘With the right support, libraries are ideally positioned to become the community centers of information, technology, and learning that will fuel educational and economic opportunity for all of our citizens.’

Word is out, and Yaich has already been a guest speaker at G-A Newcomers Club and Kiwanis. She supports the Besore Association goal to make the library a place that is usable 24/7. The association recently purchased land adjacent to the parking lot, which will be used for children’s activities.

“People can enjoy that space on a Sunday afternoon, too,” she said.

Another new employee at Besore is Erica Carson, youth services coordinator. She taught preschool for five years, and became FCLS Book Buggy manager nearly two years ago. Her transition to Besore was on June 1.

Also a Chambersburg resident, she is feeling right at home.

“I absolutely love it here - the library, the people, the community. I can’t believe how many people come in here every day. And I love working with the children and their parents.”

She is involved with the 217 youngsters registered for the summer reading program, oversees all of the youth programs, and is a liaison with the school district and community.

Carson has already noticed one thing she would like to achieve. The American Girl Club, popular with girls, will return in the fall. She would also like to start up something for boys.