Trues have a windy tale to tell

Jay True and his folks, John and Gretchen True, stand in the shadow of a missing trampoline. It took them days to find it after a storm. They figure they will have to clear some brush before they even think about getting it down.

The spring storm that passed through Greencastle May 15 flattened some fields, caused spotty flooding in areas, and now is being blamed for a weird occurrence. Weather observer Robert Wertime said nearly three inches of rain fell, and wind gusts from the south reached over 30 miles per hour at times.

Jay and Melissa True and their family were gone, so his parents were looking after their Joann Drive home. John True mowed the lawn that Thursday and all was fine.

When he and his wife Gretchen, Hancock, Md. residents, returned on Saturday, something was obviously amiss.

A trampoline in the flat backyard was gone. Just gone.

The family thought it had been stolen, but who and how and why would someone steal an 18-foot trampoline?

When Jay returned home, he walked the five-acre property, including marshes, and found nothing.

“It was gone,” he concluded. “No big deal.”

The five children would have to play on something else, though they loved the bouncy Christmas present from their grandparents.

Jay got back on the lawn mower, and entered a wooded area to trim the path for deer. That’s when he saw it. The trampoline was suspended perpendicularly in the trees. It was wedged against a slender branch and nothing appeared to be damaged.

Jay estimated the wind had picked up the tramp, carrying it 100 yards across the yard and up to 40 feet high over the trees before dropping it.

He and his dad examined the oddity Thursday morning. A major project loomed before them.

“We’ll get it out,” said Jay, “although we don’t have a plan how.”