"Cat"asprophe averted on Greencastle roof

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

A cat appeared to be resting comfortably on the roof of the Carlisle Street entrance to Susquehanna Bank Tuesday morning, but it was evident that the feline had been “stuck” there for some time.

Employees at Fran Kenawell’s State Farm office noticed movement on the small roof from across the square and realized it was a cat who appeared to not be able to get off the roof.

Borough workers came to the rescue and Brian Maynard used a ladder, was able to reach the cat and finally put its feet on the ground.

Witnesses surmised that the animal had come down from the large flat roof of the bank onto the awning and the angle prevented it from going back up and the height kept it from going down.

For anyone missing a cat like this one, it was last seen heading through the bank parking lot toward Madison Street.