Youths cross over into Boy Scouts

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Echo Pilot
Cub Scouts from Pack 13 and Pack 8, from left, are: front row — Ryland Zimmerman, Nathanael Mummert, Edgar Colliflower, Jesse Seuffer, Jacob Steier, Andrew Lester, Danny Judge, Brent Martin, Lio Salazar, Brenton Welty, Davon Akers, Davey Witmer, Connor Gaskill. Boy Scouts from Troop 99, from left, are: back row — Tyler Hilliard, Kyle Taylor, Nathaniel Dixon, John Anderson, Kyle Kloza, Caleb Root, Matthew Mummert, Cameron Dixon, Brayden Black, Nick Judge, Roman Porterfield, Alex Porterfield, Edmund Colliflower, Hunter Guthrie, Cole Ingram, Dylan Weibel, Senior Patrol Leader John Sempowski.

A Crossover Ceremony was held for 11 boys from Pack 13 in Greencastle and two boys from Pack 8 in Hagerstown, Md., Sunday afternoon, Feb. 23 at the bridge between Tayamentasachta and the Greencastle-Antrim Elementary School.

Boy Scouts from Troop 99 escorted the new Scouts across the bridge. As Scoutmaster Kevin North was addressing the parents and the boys, they were visited by a bald eagle, who decided to join the ceremony and circle over. The Scoutmaster claimed this was a sign that all of these boys were destined to be Eagle Scouts.

All 13 boys earned their Arrow of Light Awards, the highest award in Cub Scouting, which also allowed them an early entrance into Boy Scouts before completing the fifth-grade.

With the addition of these Scouts, Troop 99 is the largest troop in Mason Dixon Council with 73 Boy Scouts.