Witmer thanked for tenure as Besore Association president

Kay Witmer, left, was honored by Besore Association president-elect Brittny Paci and the board for her dedication to the group. She was president for many years, and will remain on the board.

Kay Witmer was surprised with more than routine business at the November meeting of the Besore Association. Other board members present, president-elect Brittny Paci, Bud O’Mara, Sue Frederick, Bill Needy, Marissa Burt and Patti Divelbiss, paid tribute to her many years of service as president. How many years? No one is sure.

Witmer knows she took over when John Wine stepped down. That could have been 15 years ago. Her leadership service was an extension of a long-time relationship with the Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library.

She took her young children there in the 1970s. She has fond memories of helping Louise Mowen with Story Time, and running it herself for a while. Library assistant Donna Thomas would let her sneak into a back storage room to pick out magazines. Occasionally she helped at the circulation desk. She was on hand when Santa used to visit the library, and Julie Craig orchestrated the children’s Christmas parties. She was the Besore representative to the Franklin County Library System.

And recently she checked out her first e-book. She thought, “I have to try this!”

Frederick gave Witmer credit for another major accomplishment.

“She shepherded us through this whole building project.”

Besore just completed a $1.2 million expansion and renovation.

Witmer returned the accolades, saying the other board members were vital to the success of the endeavor as well.

“The library has done so much more for me than I have done for the library,” she said.

Paci presented her with a card of thanks and gifts, including the 2013 Heritage Christmas ornament, available at the Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce, which features Besore. The gift bag carried a quote by author C. S. Lewis, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”