Spelling accuracy rewarded at elementary bee


Nine students left Greencastle-Antrim Elementary School with trophies last week, as the annual spelling bee determined the top wordsmiths in third, fourth and fifth grades. Teachers administered preliminary 25-word tests in the classroom, and three or four students with the best scores advanced to the finals in the gymnasium.

Principal Chad Stover called out the words, with several teachers monitoring proper procedures. In the end, three students from each grade earned a piece of hardware to proudly display at home.

The winners were as follows: third grade, Hayden Condo, first; Beatricia Cain, second; Ryan Griffin, third. Fourth grade: Tanner Martin, first; Davey Witmer, second; Lia Gerboc, third. Fifth grade: Meagan Enderlin, first; Caylen David, second; and Kaece DeShong, third.

Hayden's correct last word was "thief", Tanner's was "umbrella", and Meagan's was "particular".