Elvis back in the building

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Allison-Antrim Museum, Inc., 365 S. Ridge Ave., is hosting the return of Elvis to the building for an unprecedented fifth extensive exhibit. The focus of the exhibit is “Elvis in Concert.” Relative to the previous four Elvis exhibits there, 70 percent of the exhibited items have never been seen publicly. The “Elvis in Concert” exhibit includes items such as concert posters, decorations and advertisements from concert locations such as Las Vegas, concert scarves, souvenirs, and banners. Numerous rare photographs include candid glimpses of Elvis’s time at Fort Hood and Germany, rehearsals and concert performances, including his very early performances through his last tour in 1977. Allison-Antrim Museum is open weekly, Monday through Friday, noon to 4 p.m. For further  information, call the museum at 717-597-9010 or visit There is no charge for admission but donations are accepted.