Wendy Scott to share her story

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Waynesboro resident Wendy Scott will talk about her husband’s battle with cancer at the Luminary Service Friday evening during Relay for Life. Georg Scott died March 7, 2008 at the age of 46.  He had come through lipo-sarcoma in 2003 but developed a brain tumor in 2006. The astrocytoma required surgery for treatment. Unfortunately, the cancer returned with a vengeance, said Scott. Her husband refused radiation, stating, “If I am going to have to give up my brain, I am not doing it earlier than I need to.”

As a result, he was coherent with the family until 13 hours before his death.

“I do not look at Georg as being a cancer vicitm,” said Scott. “I look at him and all others that fight this fight as being champions. We unite every year to continue their fight, to honor these champions against all odds, these incredible brave men, women and children. They are truly astounding.”

Georg was a Green Beret, fluent in three languages, willing to face any challenge, and always positive, she said. “He never blamed God. Instead, he understood disease is a part of this life and the life to come will not be bothered with that. Faith kept Georg going.”

Because of his spirit, as well as that of other cancer patients, Scott believes, “Cancer cannot win because it cannot consume the human spirit.”