Community leaders pray

Rev. William DeHass led the outdoor prayer service on May 6 outside borough hall.

Finding America under attack on many fronts was a theme of the speakers at the Greencastle-Antrim National Day of Prayer on May 6. Approximately 75 citizens attended the observance, sponsored by the G-A Ministerium and G-A Women's Fellowship.

Greencastle mayor Robert Eberly represented government in the six-part roster. "We're living in a time of total transformation of the America we've known," he said. "There is a concerted effort to take the Bible out of society. We don't even know what truth is any more." He urged Christians to read, defend, share and live the Bible.

G-A Chamber of Commerce executive director Joel Fridgen encouraged business people to carry out their tasks as servants. Just as the Founding Fathers recognized God as the creator, even today visions could only be achieved with God's help. The Declaration of Independence named the freedoms which became the fabric of society, and "entitlement can never replicate freedom."

Retired pastor Wayne Warren acknowledged the church was threatened. "The world needs its message. May the faithful find salvation and the careless be awakened," he said.

Sunday School teacher and counselor Dotti Crider prayed for marriage, parents, children and grandparents. "Families are also under attack," she said. "Strong families build a strong church, which builds a strong nation."

Merritt Hammond, retired Sergeant First Class, prayed for peace and the military. "Only because of God and soldiers does freedom endure. God will protect America only as long as people believe in Him."

Education was addressed by Ken Shull, teacher and supervisor of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He asked for strength for everyone involved in the school system.

The service was held at First United Methodist Church with pastors Stacy Crawford and David Rawley offering opening and closing prayers. Rev. William DeHass led the outdoor prayer service immediately afterwards near borough hall.

The National Day of Prayer was established 59 years ago, held on the first Thursday of May. The theme in 2010 was 'Prayer, For Such a Time as This.'