Badge to feature first Old Home Week photo

The badge for the 37th triennial Old Home Week celebration will be the group photograph taken at the first Old Boys’ Reunion in 1902.

The Greencastle-Antrim Old Home Week Association committee has established a logo for the badge which will be used during the 37th triennial celebration July 31 to Aug. 7, 2010.

The action was taken during the regular meeting of the group at the Lilian S. Besore Library Monday evening.

The group photo taken in 1902 during the first Old Boys’ Reunion, later known as Old Home Week, will be represented on the badge.

That photograph was one of the activities during the original reunion during a fun day as related in the Echo Pilot of the day:

“Yesterday was spent by the visitors along the Conococheague creek at the old Kisecker Mill, just below Sandy Hollow, and fully 150 persons enjoyed the day there. Many athletic sports were indulged in and there were but few of the boys who failed to take a swim in old Sandy.

“At 2 o'clock the great baseball game between a team of the “old boys” and the Greencastle team took place. The “old boys team was made up as follows: Rowe Fletcher, pitcher, William Lear, catcher, Harry Null, shortstop, Phil. E. Baer, first base, E.E. Davison, second base, Ed. B. Shillito, third base, Ed. Koons, left field, Frank Lear, center field, and C.A. Appenzellar, right field. Considering the Greencastle team too weak to cope with them, the “old boys” generously aided their younger opponents by lending them an outfield composed of Griffith Taylor, left field, William Smith, center field, and John Baer, right field.

“The “old boys” played in their old style; the game abounded in brilliant plays, notable among which were a home run by Griffith Taylor, three base hits by Harry Null and Frank Lear, a hot fly fielded by William Smith, two base hits by Prof. Baer, and a double play by Null, Shillito and Davison. Regardless of the assistance furnished the Greencastle team, the veterans won the game easily by a score of 11 to 5.

“Before they returned to town, a photograph of the assemblage was taken.”

During Monday’s meeting many committees reported they will kick into high gear after the first of the year. Some developments were reported as follows:

The location (which corner of the square) of the band stand was discussed.

It was confirmed that there will be a cantata and that music is being selected.

Greg Hoover was engaged as the master of ceremonies of the dog show.

It was reported that the expected 26 percent increase in the cost of the fireworks will be covered by the benefactor of the popular event.

Volunteers are gearing up for the preparation of 2,400 letters to be sent to all those who registered during the last Old Home Week and to businesses in the community.

A guest speaker has been arranged for the official opening.

The script for the pageant has been finished and the pageant timed.

A new committee is forming to host a reunion of the Fred Kaley Indoor Circus.

Dick Fisher noted that he would like to donate 150 Martin’s Mil Bridge coins to the association and offer them for sale.

The Old Home Week Committee will next meet at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 25 in the Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library, 305 E. Baltimore St.

Those who appeared in the photograph of the first Old Boys Reunion are identified as follows, from left: First row — Charles Lear, Bruce Rankin, Ed Kelly, Gregg Dale, Dick Pensinger, Don Pittinger; Second row — G. F. Bloser, Emanuel Hawbaker, William Smith, Ed Shilleto, William Lear, Harry Null, Ham Carr, W. Smith, Sprague McCrory, Pard Gorman, Harry Goetz; Third row — George Heck, Harry Finefrock, Dave Poper, Dave Pittenger, Mac Wilhelm, Charles Appenseller, H. W. Davison, Griff Taylor, John Angle, Ed Koones, Sam Diehl, Lemuel Barnes; Fourth row — John Shrader, Stan Hartle, John Hostetter, Moss Keingle, William Snively, Pitt Carl, William Dietrick; Fifth row — Scott Fleming, C.C. Kauffman, John Baer, Ed Davison, Charles Stanley, Adam Bear, P. E. Baer, William Cummings, Rowe Fletcher, David Walter, Frank Lear, Adam Shirey, Alex Schaffert and John Grove.