Ryan Dobson gives pro-life message

Ryan Dobson, Christian author and founder of KOR World Ministries, was in Greencastle Thursday. The Colorado resident was the featured speaker at Pregnancy Ministries Inc.’s fundraising banquet. The stage was decorated with 116 balloons to match the number of PMI clients who gave birth since the last banquet. Dobson is the son of James Dobson, who started Focus on the Family in 1977.

Ryan Dobson grew up the son of famous parents but he has created his own mark on the world, dedicated to challenging moral relativism. Part of that mission is achieved through speaking engagements. He was featured at the 25th annual fundraising banquet of Pregnancy Ministries, Inc. in Greencastle Oct. 8, held at Green Grove Gardens, and addressed society's confusion.

"How did we get to the place where we have to have banquets to save babies?" he asked the 300 people in the audience. Then he provided the answer. "We've stopped teaching truth."

He supported the ministry of PMI, which reaches women in crisis pregnancies with Biblical principles, information on prenatal development, and emotional and practical support. It does not condone abortion.

"No matter what the political climate, our duty is to stand firm," he said. "The battle may not be won through legislation but through the hearts and minds of individuals, one at a time. We must continue to do what we are doing to complete God's ministry."

Dobson, 39, is the son of James Dobson, founder of the non-profit organization Focus on the Family, and Shirley Dobson, chairman of the National Day of Prayer task force.

He advocated the fight for the unborn who could not fight for themselves. He was the product of young unwed parents and grateful his birth mother chose to give him up for adoption. The Dobsons brought him home in August of 1970, and he became the little brother to their natural daughter Danae, then five years old.

Dobson punctuated his talk with stories from his childhood and ministry, drawing laughter from the crowd. Today he is married with a three year old son. He was concerned about the values being passed along to children, to do what felt right, with no consequences for actions. Yet his work exposed him to youth across America and he was optimistic.

"Our country is lost right now and the only way out is through Jesus Christ," he said, but added, "I have great hope in the next generation."

PMI has centers in Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg and Waynesboro.