Bock books keep moving

Frank Bock and his little library

There’s a new library in town.

Frank Bock, 75 Homestead Drive, built a one-shelf library and with the help of a grandson, situated it at the end of his driveway. Currently, the repository contains about a dozen books, hardback and paperback. If the need arises, Bock can add a second shelf.

People are invited to take a book or leave one. The “Little Library” is a gesture of goodwill operating on the honor system, a way to keep books in circulation once the owners have finished reading them.

“I read about this project in the paper,” said Bock. “People all over the country are doing it. I decided I’d try it here in Greencastle.”

He and his wife Barbara are avid readers. They pass books among family members, and when everyone is done with them, the books are shared in the small free library. So far most of the patrons have been neighbors.

“Quite a few people are using it,” Bock said.

The library went up in May, and the wood and plexiglass shelter has kept the books protected in all sorts of weather. Bock intends to keep it in place year round.