Memories will last

Fireworks lit up the sky at the school campus Friday night to the delight of thousands.

"'til eternity".

That's how long Old Home Week will last, pronounced the most experienced member of the Board of Directors during its public meeting of the 38th Triennial last week.

"It will go on," said Richard "Dick" Fisher.

"You can't stop it."

Board chairman Frank Ervin agreed, "This is going to go on forever."

The directors met near the end of another rousing triennial celebration set in motion 111 years ago by Philip Baer and his desire for a town reunion. From Aug. 3 to 10 the Greencastle-Antrim community did it once again that included a rousing sendoff Saturday night in Center Square, where the crowd joined hands and sang "God Bless the U.S.A."

"I'm overjoyed," 38th Triennial president Carol Christophel said before handing the baton to Ed Wine, who will lead the 39th celebration from Aug. 6 to 13, 2016.

"I'm very proud. I'm ecstatic. I'm proud of this community and everyone who brought this all together. Everyone did a wonderful job."

Christophel presided over an Old Home Week that by all accounts was a great success.

"Carol did a tremendous job," said Wine. "She was everywhere this week."

Christophel made history as the first woman to lead the celebration. The board of directors announced Friday that they had elected her to the board.

"That was very unexpected," said Christophel. "I'm very proud that they have that faith in me. I'm honored for a lifetime."

Weather was the only possible snafu and other than a few brief showers the week was unaffected.

Christophel said, "Someone told me this week that when John Allison laid this town out he considered the weather patterns. The area got rain when it needed it. And he was right to this day."

When Wine takes the reigns for 2016 it will be just the second time a son has followed in his father's footsteps. John Wine was the president of the 32nd Triennial in 1995. Wine, along with Richard Besecker, Fred Oaks and Tom Fox, were the directors who have passed away since the last Old Home Week in 2010.

"I think he'd be very proud," Wine said of following his father's legacy. "That's what makes this special. Jeff Shank and his father were the first father and son to both be president. It's great to be the second father and son over 111 years.

"I followed my grandfather and father on the library board. There's been a Wine on the library board since 1963. The community service was taught to me. It's good to follow in his footsteps."

Christophel was re-elected to the slate of officers for the 2016 celebration as treasurer, a post she held for many years prior to president. Andy Everetts was elected secretary.

"I'm excited," Wine told the crowd Saturday night.

"It's been a great week. Carol's going to be a tough act to follow. We'll do our best. We have three years to get in shape. We hope to see you back in three years, Aug. 6 through the 13, 2016. Thanks for your support this year."

The official closing, the second time the ceremony has been part of Old Home Week, included the introduction of an official closing song for the celebration, to the tune of "Thanks for the Memories".

Christophel said, "We needed this week to come together and realize what a great community we have, and what family and friends are all about."

“Thanks for the memories”

Thanks for the memories, the Sunday night countdown

The decorations 'round town, the music on the square

Old friends everywhere, how lovely it was!

Thanks for the memories, the Pageant and Parade,

The Cantata on the stage, fireworks on Fri-day,

What a beautiful display, how lovely it was!

Old Home Week has come to an end, in three years we'll celebrate again

We hope you enjoyed all the fun, it was a great time and no harm done

Thanks for the memories, with parties all around

Everyone downtown, reunions galore

Who could ask for anything more, how lovely it was!

Old Home Week’s Official Closing Song