School facilities a go for all things Old Home Week


Most Old Home Week news is of the good variety. However, the Old Home Week Committee recently got some very good news — all events in and around the Greencastle-Antrim School District campus are a go as usual for 2013 and the price is right.

The committee had been concerned that with the installation of the turf fields in and around Kaley Field that has happened since the last Old Home Week celebration in 2010, that the events usually held at the school campus may be in jeopardy. Of particular concern of the outdoor events was the Friday night fireworks and possible damage to the turf from the burning fallout.

“We talked with Dr. (Greg) Hoover (district superintendent) and the school is available no matter what, no matter when,” said Carol Christophel, Old Home Week president.

“The fireworks are OK. The start of the race is good. And the pageant and cantata are fine.”

Hoover said the military band concert to be held on Kaley Field prior to the fireworks display will also be allowed.

As far the cost for use of the facilities, Hoover said a previous donation will cover the bill.


Hoover met with the Old Home Week fireworks committee. Dave Kipp confirmed that the venue is a go again for the right sky show.

“According to the committee, and I would agree, that 95 percent of the fallout from the fireworks end up in the primary school parking lot,” said Hoover.

“Very little, if any, comes into the stadium. Normally the winds will blow from the west pushing everything away from the fields.”

Kipp added that through the discussions a decision was made to not allow chairs on the artificial turf surface. Only blankets will be allowed. In addition, only bottled water will be allowed on the surface and no pets in the stadium. Many people use the grounds outside the stadium for viewing. There will be no such limitations there.

Hoover added, “Last Old Home Week (2010), it was really, really dry and there was a fear that one spark would touch the entire field off. So the fire department was stationed inside ready to go. Nothing happened. We will use the fire department again inside the stadium. And, yes, I will be holding my breath throughout the fireworks.”

Indoor events

The high school auditorium has been the focal point for two major Old Home Week events, the pageant and the cantata.

Two things relevant to the usage have happened since the last Old Home Week. The lighting and the sound systems in the auditorium have undergone major upgrades through the generosity of the Shockey Family Foundation — a plus for the productions. Conversely, the school board has adopted a fee schedule for use of the district facilities of which the Old Home Week would be under the non-profit community organizations — a financial concern for the committee.

Hand-in-hand, the show will go on.

Hoover calculated the rental fees for all things Old Home Week, including rehearsals, and it came out to around $10,000. “Due to the generous contribution from the Shockey Family Foundation to upgrade the auditorium with lights and sound, we are using that to offset the rental fees,” he said.

Official program

Anyone wanting to have an event considered for inclusion as part of the official program for the 38th Triennial, Aug. 3 to 10, can obtain a form through the Old Home Week website at www.oldhomeweek.org under forms and applications. Forms are also available at the Echo Pilot office, 29 Center Square.

Forms must be returned by June 1.