Museum speaker to highlight history of transportation

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The Erie Canal was completed in 1825, 36 years prior to the Civil War. The canal connected the Hudson River and Lake Erie. The Erie Canal song, Low Bridge, Everybody Down, was written in 1905 by Thomas Allen. The lyrics, “I've got a mule, and her name is Sal, Fif-teen miles on the Er-ie canal,” and lyrics from other similar songs were sung in music class in elementary schools in the 1950s.

Allison-Antrim Museum, Greencastle, will hold its monthly speaker’s meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10 in the restored German bank barn at 365 S. Ridge Ave., Greencastle.

Colleen Clark’s concert presentation “History of Transportation in America” will follow the history of our canals, railroads, roads and airplanes through the music that has been written and performed about them. The program is a brief walk through history looking at the various modes of transportation that have been used worldwide, and specifically in the United States.  Clark encourages those present to bring their voices along, if they wish, and to join in with the singing.

Clark graduated from the University of Maryland in Music Education and taught both publicly and privately.  In addition, she also has a degree in American history.  Clark was a park ranger for the National Park Service at Antietam National Battlefield from 1991 until her retirement in 2005.  She has researched and developed musical concerts for the Civil War, the 19th Century, Stephen Foster, canals and transportation, and the railroad.  Clark has been singing professionally for more than 45 years and began performing her history-based concerts in 1984.

 The program is open to the public. There is no fee to attend, but donations will be accepted toward Allison-Antrim Museum's annual speaker series.

Parking is available on South Ridge Avenue and use of the the ADA-accessible brick walk leads directly to the barn door at the welcome banner.

For information, visit the museum's website at www.greencastlemuseum.org, on Twitter @greencastlemuzm, or call 717-597-9325.

Should inclement weather be an issue, notice of cancellation will be posted on the website or call 597-9325 for more information.