Cookbook sales will benefit students

Kim Siner, left, and Jody Ebbitt worked with other parents to create a cookbook of favorite foods of students, parents, teachers, administrators and residents of the community. Proceeds will be used for technology at the secondary schools.

This summer 230 people submitted 435 recipes because the PTO asked them to. The parent group representing the Greencastle-Antrim middle and high schools then organized these recipes into a cookbook and it is ready to go. Castle Cuisine Cookbook has been published, some pre-orders taken and the book will arrive en masse Dec. 8.

The endeavor occurred because parents who were active in PTO when their children attended primary and elementary school wanted to remain involved as they hit the secondary schools. This is the second year the PTO has been a moving force for the older students and their teachers.

Cookbook committee members Kim Siner and Jody Ebbitt said the startup organization needed a solid fundraiser. They learned that a cookbook sold well for a softball team, so they and the rest of the crew dove right in. Also serving on the committee were Janet Conway, Amy Maher, Jenny Piper, Regina Hissong, Angie Houpt, Brenda DeYoung and Kathy Crider.

They sought funds so they could support new technology in the schools.

"It's for extras the school board doesn't have the money for, but the principals think would benefit students and teachers," Ebbitt said.

They spread the word throughout the community, seeking favorite recipes, and people responded. Though the information could be submitted online, half the people turned in written copies. Siner took on the task of entering the data into the computer.

"It's amazing how many recipes use shredded cheddar cheese," she said with a grin.

She was pleased that the recipes came in evenly distributed among the eight food categories. "They all sound wonderful."

Among some of the special entries are recipes from superintendent Greg Hoover; corporate chef Roger Tappen; Mildred Kaley, wife of Fred Kaley, a former teacher, athletic director and proponent of establishing Tayamentasachta; Charles White, who turned in winning recipes from the Apple Festival as well as the famous Apple Dumplings, (though the general consensus is the dumplings will never taste as good as those baked in the wood-fired outdoor oven); and middle school principal Mark Herman, with his Personal Best Pancakes.

The book is hardcover with three-ring binding. The price is $20. They may be purchased Dec. 8 from 2:30 to 8 p.m. at the middle school cafeteria, and people who have already ordered can pick theirs up at the same time. 

Castle Cuisine Cookbook orders may be turned in at any G-A school with the check made out to GAMS PTO, or mailed to the middle school. The committee plans to sell 1,000 books. They hope to set up at community events and put some copies in local stores.