Mural by many planned during First Fridays

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The First Friday Committee is initiating a community mural project as a part of its First Friday events in September, October and November. Anyone attending First Friday can stop by the community mural site, which will be stationed on the square by Tower Bank, and paint part of the mural.

The community mural project is being coordinated by Ginny Lays, an artist and someone who believes anyone can create art. "The community mural project will consist of a drawing of Greencastle landmarks transferred onto signboard and outlined in black paint," explained Lays. "The large pieces of signboard with the outlines painted on them will then be cut into two foot squares which are what people will be painting. It'll be kind of like a coloring book page with shapes on each square that people can paint. Once all the squares are painted over the next three First Fridays, the larger painting will be put back together by aligning the painted squares, like a puzzle. What will be really interesting is that the community people who participate in this process will not be exactly sure what they are painting on the two foot squares until the larger picture is put back together. The finished mural will then be put on display for the community to enjoy over Heritage Christmas."

There will be several easels set up so that both adults and children can participate. All those who choose to paint will have their names recorded and the list of community artists will be placed alongside the completed mural on display. "If you have always had a secret desire to express yourself through painting, this is your opportunity," Lays said. "I really hope anyone who comes to First Friday will participate. You don't have to paint the entire two foot square. You can choose to just paint one section on the square and let your neighbor do a part. What I am excited about is the big reveal during Heritage Christmas. I think it will be a project the community will be proud of!"