Same road, new name — Molly Pitcher Highway South

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South Antrim Way in Antrim Township has a new name — Molly Pitcher Highway South. Eleven properties are affected by the move, which was made to keep trucks from getting lost.

Antrim Township supervisors passed a resolution renaming the road at a meeting earlier this month.

The reason

Discussion of changing the name of the road stemmed from multiple navigational errors due to incorrect GPS instructions that were causing trucks to end up on the wrong route.

The road U.S. 11 south of the Borough of Greencastle from the railroad tracks to World Kitchen was called South Antrim Way. U.S. 11 is known as Antrim Way in the Borough of Greencastle, but Molly Pitcher Highway in most of the rest of Antrim Township and that is where the confusion set in.

"They would be traveling on Route 11 and instead of going south toward the World Kitchen area, they would end up going south on Williamsport Pike," said Township Adminstrator Brad Graham, who added that the trucks would then try to correct their error by turning around in residential areas.

Graham said the township and World Kitchen have both tried posting signs but it wasn't effective.

Township officials are hoping to fix the problem with the renaming the short stretch of U.S. 11.

The property owners were notified prior to the meeting and will also receive notification of the change.