Greencastle officials begin process to ban ‘jake brakes’

MEGAN HERR, The Record Herald Contact Megan Herr at 717-762-2151, or on Twitter: @mherr_RH

Greencastle Borough Council authorized the drafting and advertisement of an ordinance that would ban engine-brake-retarders — often referred to as "jake brakes" — within part of the Borough of Greencastle at its meeting on June 6.

The ban would exist from Antrim Way eastbound on Baltimore Street to the borough/township line.

The borough received authorization from PennDOT to install engine-brake-retarder signs restricting the use of the retarders in the designated area on May 16.

Borough Manager Susan Armstrong said the reason for the ordinance is because the devices, which are used to slow the trucks down, can be noisy and impact the quality of life for residents in the area.

By proper signing of the streets, the borough hopes to receive a reduction of noise from truck drivers adhering to the signs.

If approved, four signs will be erected at a cost of $137.59 plus labor for each.