Sponsorships available for Old Home Week events


It’s a labor of love for the volunteers who come together to bring the Greencastle-Antrim community Old Home Week every three years. In addition to the work, money is also required to pull off the many events.

Fundraising letters were mailed out in April seeking financial contributions toward the numerous activities planned for the 39th triennial set for Aug. 6 to 13. Any and all donations are appreciated.

New this year is an opportunity for businesses or individuals to underwrite the cost of some of the events.

“The board of directors decided that it would be appropriate this year to allow some sponsorships at some of our bigger ticket items,” said the president of Old Home Week 2016, Ed Wine. “We’ve offered that to folks who might want to sponsor a certain event.”

Wine said in exchange for the sponsorship the donor would be entitled to post a banner or similar signage at the event and be listed in the program as the underwriter.

“We had a company from out of the area, but with an interest in Old Home Week, ask how they could participate. That’s what got us thinking that we ought to come up with a way to do that. We’ve come up with this and we’ll see how it works,” he explained.

Events available for sponsorship are the parade, music on the square, fun fair, concerts in the park, antique car show, motorcycle show and dog show. Wine said the car show and dog show both already have an underwriter. Co-sponsors will be accepted for the parade, music on the square, fun fair and concerts in the park.

Traditionally Old Home Week has remained non-commercial for its 114-year history. The only concessions at the various events are conducted by and support Scouting groups.

Wine doesn’t think the new sponsorship opportunities cross that line.

“We’re not just letting businesses indiscriminately come in and post their signage anywhere. It is directly tied to them supporting Old Home Week,” he said.

“These are large dollar contributions we’re asking for. We think it’s only fair that if a company or individual chooses to support Old Home Week in a substantial way, that they get some publicity. I don’t see where a sign at the event or a note in the program commercializes Old Home Week.”

The Old Home Week Association has not had difficulty with a full enough treasury, but this sponsorship move was a new way to generate support.

“It’s different,” Wine said. “The people on the committees make this happen, but we also need money. Whether we like it or not, that’s the reality of it. So we are looking for ways to raise money without becoming too crass and commercialized.

“We haven’t had problems with money. We’ve been pretty lucky, but it doesn’t hurt to keep a reserve. That’s all we’re doing.”

Wine hopes the sponsorships might spur interest.

“Them sponsoring an event would show their commitment to Old Home Week and that they’re community spirited,” he said. “Secondly, it is a form of advertising, although it will be subtle and dignified and a low-key way.”

Sponsorships will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be made prior to June 1 in order to appear in the official program. Interest can be directed to Wine at 597-0200.