Greencastle limits RV parking times and place


Tabled in January, Greencastle Borough Council on March 7 acted on an ordinance affecting the parking, storage and use of recreational vehicles. The matter had been brought to council in September by residents unhappy with neighbors parking RVs on the streets. Since then, the Community Development Committee researched the issue and invited comments from the public.

The amended ordinance allows only one RV on residential and community commercial tracts; a limit of three consecutive days per week of parking/storage in the front of a property during the camping season, specified as May 1 to Sept. 30; the rest of the time and during the off-season, RVs had to be off site, in a carport or building, in the rear or side yards, and not extend into the front yard. The modified ordinance extended the clauses of no parking on a public street and no human habitation except for visitors.

The amendment was supported by Craig Myers, Larry Faight, Matt Smith, James Farley and Charles Eckstine. Duane Kinzer was opposed, stating the ordinance was not enforceable. Frank Webster Jr. was absent.

The board authorized police chief John Phillippy to apply to the Department of Justice for up to 50 percent reimbursement for the cost of bulletproof vests through a partnership initiative.

“We have to buy them anyway,” said Phillippy. “This is a good deal.”

Kevin Hunsberger, chief operator of the wastewater treatment plant, updated council on operations. 

“We’re in good shape,” he said. “Just so you know, we are working without a permit. DEP is behind on issuing them.”

The permit had expired in January 2015. Hunsberger expected some changes in requirements once the agency caught up. 

The resignation of Emile Charest from the Zoning Hearing Board was accepted, due to his moving away.

Farley said of Charest’s volunteer service, “He was willing and enthusiastic to do it the right way.”

Council also approved a request from Bob and Michelle Spessard to place blue bows on the downtown parking meters in April to recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month. They represented Blue Ribbons 4 Justice.