Antrim Township officials delay final plan for new Dollar General


Dollar General had some questions for Antrim Township Tuesday night. Bob Sharrah, from Sharrah Design Group in Gettysburg, had asked for conditional approval for a store on Molly Pitcher Highway South. Some notes on the plan still had to be worked out with Antrim and the municipal authority.

Antrim solicitor John Lisko advised no to the request, since checking the items off the list would create more work for staff members, who would also be put in the position of interpreting decisions the supervisors should make.

Sharrah’s main concern was the two shared access easements the township desired. Antrim wanted them on the plan so if other lots were developed into a strip mall, there would not be multiple driveways onto U.S. 11. Dollar General had added a clause to the agreement, restricting what types of businesses would be allowed. The owners of the land to the north and the south should also help pay for the driveway now, the company stated.

“We can’t restrict the use of their property because they are not doing anything now,” Lisko said.

Sharrah wanted to at least wait until the adjacent land was developed before limiting the access points. He was also concerned about maintenance responsibilities for the road. Lisko responded that those clauses had to be negotiated when someone built.

Dollar General expects to use one lot and owner Betty Myers will keep the other one for the time being.

Sewer update

Graham announced that Antrim’s latest drive to collect on delinquent sewer accounts was getting results. Of 36 accounts, 20 customers had paid their bill in full. Six were making partial payments. There had been no contact with five of the customers.

“The Notice of Violation helped a lot,” Graham said. “That created some action.”

The next step was to choose which customers would get a 10-day notice on disconnection. This tier of accounts had been behind $41,000, and was down to $19,000.