Chad Bingaman takes over Bill Bowers Tire and Auto

Chad Bingaman sits at the desk formerly occupied by Bill Bowers. The founder of the business retired, and Bingaman has entered the automotive industry as president of Bill Bowers Tire and Auto. The company has served the area for 35 years.

Bill Bowers Tire and Auto is under new ownership, but the name will stay the same.

Chad Bingaman, a Greencastle native, is now president of the company, after a decade working in unrelated careers. But ending up at Bowers fit a plan he had since childhood.

A 2001 graduate of G-AHS, Bingaman, 32, entered the plumbing and carpentry field. He established his own construction company in 2004. The travel involved, and trends in the industry, led to a decision to do something else.

“Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be my own boss,” he said.

Bingaman’s older brother Hollis, now general manager at Bill Bowers Tire and Auto, has been with the business for 25 years. A couple years ago Bowers asked him if Chad would be interested in helping out at the counter.

“I’ve known Bill as long as I can remember,” Bingaman said. “I was more interested in the business as a whole when he retired. In August 2012, I had a conversation in this office with Bill and Hollis about the process.”

Bingaman gained experience out front and in the shop, and learned a lot about tires. His heart was still in management.

“I enjoy business, managing people, brainstorming ideas, everything that goes along with ownership,” he said.

The three carried the process along slowly, with Bingaman an employee in 2013, a partner in 2015, and the sole owner in 2016.

He and Hollis discussed what it would be like working together.  Bingaman then expanded the family connection by hiring his brother-in-law John Cosey as the service manager.

“It took me a year to talk him into it. He’s a highly certified technician and a great fit.”

Bingaman considers the entire crew a great team.

Bowers started the business in 1980 in town as a gas station, moved to a second location, and opened the 75 Pine Drive center in 1990, focusing only on vehicle service repairs, tires and wheels. The initial three bays have been expanded to seven.

Bingaman is busy at work, and also when he gets home. He and his wife Lisa have three daughters, ages 4, 2 and 16 weeks.

He wanted customers to know what to expect as the business transitions solely into his hands.

“We’re still the same place, the same great service, the same smiles. It’s a place people know and trust. Bill built a great place and I’ll keep it moving forward.”