Dunkin’ Donuts gets adjustment to sidewalk requirement for proposed Greencastle facility


The owner of the property targeted to become a Dunkin’ Donuts appealed Greencastle requirements to install a sidewalk. Engineer Steve Zoretich from Frederick Seibert and Associates represented 2005 Baltimore Street LLC in front of the Sidewalk Appeal Board on May 21.

Zoretich asked for relief from Ordinance 169-19b for the frontage along 705 E. Baltimore Street. The garage attached to AC&T would be converted into a Dunkin’ Donuts, with a drive-thru and patio. The ordinance clause, under New Construction, required a sidewalk if improvements exceeded $20,000.

Board members Jason Gerhart, James Jones and Jeremy Timmons, and borough manager Susan Armstrong, heard the arguments.

With the business on a state road and next to the exit 5 on-ramp, Zoretich said the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) usually did not want pedestrians at such busy places.

“There are a lot of vehicle conflicts there,” he said. “It would take a major permitting effort to get permission for a sidewalk.”

Though Auto Zone across the street was in Antrim Township, it also did not have a walkway, he said.

“You have a unique case here,” continued Zoretich. “PennDOT traffic is not pedestrian-friendly.”

Jones thought giving leeway for a sidewalk that reached a deadend would open a can of worms.

“If we let this go, what’s the next one? They should put a sidewalk there because that’s what the borough wants.”

Both sides discussed foot traffic to the medical center behind the site, availability of current sidewalks along adjacent Eastern Avenue, a reluctance to move signs in the PennDOT right of way, and handicap accessiblity.

On a 3-0 vote, the board modified the sidewalk requirement. The company must install a sidewalk from the corner to the first driveway, and across the landscaped area to the second driveway. It may also be set deeper within the property to miss the signs.