Crider crowned 2015-2016 Franklin County Dairy Princess

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Grace Crider was crowned 2015-2016 Franklin County Dairy Princess Friday evening. The daughter of Rodney and Rhoda Crider, the Shalom Christian Academy sophomore and Greencastle-Antrim 4-H Dairy Club member, will be promoting Franklin County's dairy industry for the coming year and represent Franklin County in the state pageant during September.

WILLIAMSON — Grace Crider, 16, of St. Thomas, was crowned the 2015-2016  Franklin County Dairy Princess Friday, May 15, during the 48th annual pageant held at the Williamson Community Center.

The pageant is sponsored by the Franklin County Dairy Promotion Committee.

The daughter of Rodney and Rhoda Crider, Grace will be promoting Franklin County's dairy industry for the coming year and represent Franklin County in the state pageant during September.

Also assisting with the promotional activities will be a group of Dairy Misses and Dairy Ambassadors: Ella Heckman, Selina Horst, Josephine Hughes, Stella Martin, Danessa Myers, Haley Weller and Emily Weller.

Crider gave a skit/presentation and a speech and answered an impromptu question in front of the pageant audience during the event.

Her presentation, “Let's Go Drink Some Milk”, was designed for an audience of children. Grace took on the character of Mary Poppins to teach a nutrition lesson on a value of milk in their diet. To accentuate the message, Poppins grabs her ukulele and sings her own version of “Let's Go Fly a Kite” with the following chorus: “Let's go drink some milk! That gives you healthy bones. Let's go drink some milk. Goes down smooth as silk. Yogurt, cheese and more. Go buy them at the store. Oh, let's go drink some milk!”

In her speech, Crider told the story of “A Little Red Wagon” that revealed how dairy became an important part of her life and what a valuable commodity it is to everyone's health. She stressed the importance of solid information for consumers.

“Many people are being lured by the pressure to purchase other beverages such as soy, almond and coconut that are being promoted as healthy. But only dairy milk has nine essential nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. Only dairy milk has been proven to help prevent disease. Only dairy milk comes from a dairy cow!”

Crider was crowned Dairy Princess by the 2014-2015 princess, Amanda Hege. Hege presented her farewell speech, issuing thanks to many and gratitude for having the opportunity to promote the Franklin County dairy industry.

“Most of all I enjoyed representing the hard working farmers and reminding consumers that their milk comes from a good place,” Hege said.

Franklin County Commissioner Robert Thomas served as the master of ceremonies.

The new princess spent her early years on her family's Greencastle dairy farm before moving to St. Thomas. Grace and her sister, Lucy, carry on the Antrim-Spring Farm prefix with their registered Holsteins.

Grace's interest in Holsteins is “red”. She owns six Red and White Holsteins and enjoys showing them at the fair and in 4-H as a member of the Greencastle-Antrim 4-H Dairy Club. She continues her interest in dairy by feeding calves at Warm Spring Dairy.

A sophomore at Shalom Christian Academy, she participates in drama and chorale. She is also proficient in piano, violin, bass guitar and ukulele and is involved in the youth group and praise team at Brandts Church of the Brethren.

Grace began serving as dairy royalty at the young age of 4 as a Little Dairy Miss and graduated to Dairy Miss and Ambassador over the past 12 years.