Greencastle will soon be Dunkin' Donuts

The currently unused portion of the AC&T/Exxon facility at 705 E. Baltimore St., Greencastle, is expected to become a Dunkin Donuts sometime this summer.

The land development plan for Dunkin' Donuts, 705 E. Baltimore St., was approved by Greencastle Borough Council Monday night. Frederick Seibert & Associates engineer Justin Doty spoke on behalf of property owner Brad Fulton, and DD franchisee Talik Patel, in seeking the green light for the project.

Doty said the restaurant would have a drive-thru and small outside seating area. It would be attached to the AC&T convenience store, but each would have separate outside entrances. He said the developer would be appealing the Greencastle ordinance requiring a sidewalk along Baltimore Street. He considered it a “sidewalk to nowhere” since it would end at the interstate on-ramp, and require tearing up PennDOT signs.

Council members Wade Burkholder, Larry Faight, Frank Webster Jr., Charles Eckstine, James Farley and Craig Myers approved the plan. Matt Smith was absent.

Greencastle Borough Council acted on a request by Frederick Seibert & Associates (FSA) on behalf of 2005 Baltimore Street LLC, for waivers for a proposed Dunkin Donuts store at 705 E. Baltimore St. The site currently has an AC&T/Exxon gas station at exit 5, with the convenience store occupying 655 square feet. The vacant 654 square feet used to be the garage for Alloway's Auto Service Center.

According to Bizapedia, 2005 Baltimore Street LLC was registered with the Maryland Secretary of State by Brad A. Fulton, 11535 Hopewell Road, Hagerstown, Md., in July 2004.

Engineering firm FSA seeks approval of a preliminary/final land development plan for the national chain restaurant, which will include a drive-thru. It is asking for two waivers - the preliminary plan and the required 15-foot sewer easement, suggesting instead an eight-foot easement because "the site is tight". FSA stated in its request letter that the applicant would install a separate sewer line if the property was ever subdivided.

The plan calls for an increase from 14 to 19 parking spaces.

The Greencastle Community Development Committee reviewed the plans, and in its briefing to council, recommended approval of the final plan and the waivers, and added the installation of sidewalks as required by Ordinance 2012-06 would be up to the Board of Appeals. The applicant had already started a challenge to the Sidewalk and Curb Policy.

The Franklin County Planning Commission reviewed the plan and offered no comment.

Borough manager Susan Armstrong wrote in the briefing that staff recommended council approve the requests of FSA.

A new store

Tilak Patel expects the Greencastle location to be his fifth franchise. He also owns the Chambersburg store on Lincoln Way East, which was recently remodeled. That was the only DD in a 40-mile radius so he was confident the pairing with Exxon at the interstate would be beneficial to the business and customers. He had been looking for a spot for two years.

“Luckily we found the site,” he said. “We hope to capture the I-81 traffic and residents of Greencastle and Waynesboro.”

If council grants the waivers, construction will begin once the building plans are submitted to the borough. Patel predicts a July or August opening.

The store will be similar to others he owns, but also unique.

“The interior color scheme might be a little bit different,” he said. “We will paint the exterior in Dunkin Donuts colors so it stands out.”