Sunnyway Foods remodelingfor the future

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Dean Martin, owner of Sunnyway Foods, stands in the construction zone. Barricades protect customers while contractors take down the old and put in new features at the 59-year-old store.

Sunnyway Foods is getting a facelift. Phase 1 of renovations began in late September, and owner Dean Martin hopes to be finished by December. He and his brother Mike are the corporation that also owns the Chambersburg store. The family business was started by their parents, Aldine and Margaret Martin, in 1955.

“It’s time,” said Martin. “The basic look of the store has stayed the same since it was rebuilt after a 1969 fire.”

Some additions were put on through the years, and a major remodel inside occurred in 1999. The year 2014 was the right time to move Sunnyway toward a more modern look.

An electronic sign is already up in the parking lot along Antrim Way North. With the ability to change the message whenever desired, Martin recognized the advantage over billboards. He moved handicap parking closer to the main entrance and added a ramp at the south exit door. The doorways are more defined with pillars and the sidewalk will be widened. The outside ATM booth is gone.

Customers will notice another significant change. The Sunnyway logo, a smiling sun, has been changed.

“It’s similar to the original, but more upscale,” Martin said.

And the iconic big ‘S’ on the front of the building is no more. It could not be saved during the dismantling. The contruction crews and customers keep out of each others’ way during the project.

“This is the ugly,” Martin mused about the demolition phase.

The fresh look is designed to also promote Sunnyway Recipes, the in-house deli and bakery products they have made for years, but people don’t necessarily realize. Next on the schedule will be interior renovations, to be done in stages.

“We want to keep our facility up-to-date for our sake and for the community,” said Martin. “The community has been good to Sunnyway Foods and we appreciate it. We want to be here for a long time.”

The remodeling work is being done by Eagle Construction, Greencastle.