Greencastle man helps build with Habitat for Humanity

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

HALFWAY, Md. — Habitat for Humanity of Washington County, operating as the go-between for the home owner, the insurance company and local homebuilder, Corey’s Construction, have all teamed up to erect the affiliate’s first-ever, modular home for disabled resident, Freddie Gardin, whose home was destroyed by arson back in December 2013.

Corey's Construction, and the off-site, modular home building company, Ritz-Craft Custom Homes of Mifflinburg, designed the new, handicapped-accessible, 1,056 square foot, 24 by 44-foot, three bedroom with one bath house. It consists of two modular sections that were constructed by Ritz-Craft, a three-generation home building company that completes each section in their Mifflinburg assembly plant.

Since Corey's Construction and Ritz-Craft use the same computer software to design homes, Corey Green, of Greencastle, and the Habitat staff were able to replicate the layout of Gardin's previous home. The new house is being erected on the site of his previous house.

Unlike conventional homebuilding, this modular home was built in Pennsylvania and was trucked to the site. Corey's Construction is assembling the modular units, which started Wednesday, Sept. 17. "We expect to have it completed in less than a month, instead of the traditional time it takes us to build a custom home," Green said.

Ritz-Craft Sales Consultant, David Johnson, said that since this is a unique new design for the company, they dubbed it the "Gardin House."

Corey's Construction of Hagerstown, which has been in business for over 12 years, is a two-generation, family-run general contracting business. "We are willing to try new techniques of home building, and so I think this project will give Habitat for Humanity a cost-effective way to provide a quality home to their partner families quickly, and within their budget. We're proud to help Mr. Gardin and excited to be part of this team,” Green added.