Campers serve cheerfully

Teenagers performed manual labor during an afternoon of summer camp. Pictured, from left: Courtney Ocker, Chandler Baum, leader Nate Marshall, Jantzen Hose and Laura Cradduck.

Two crews from Camp Joy-El were in town Monday afternoon, committing simple acts of kindness.

Nate Marshall, male junior staff coordinator, said, "We are the hands and feet of Christ."

Eleven teens and leaders, split into two groups, were making their way past residences and businesses, stopping at random locations to ask permission to wash windows and tidy up.

"I think we made one woman's day," Marshall said.

His entourage sported yellow T-shirts emblazoned with Egypt Adventure, Ever Present God. The youth were enrolled in one of two week-long camps in the 4.12 leadership training program. They worked in the hot sunshine with smiles. Earlier, they had been at the ballfield picking up trash.

Camp Joy-El, at 3741Joy-El Drive, offers summer camps, both day and overnight, for kindergarten through high school students.