‘Let the sun shine’ may be funeral home motto

Miller-Bowersox uses electricity created by solar modules. It may be the first business in Greencastle to utilize this type of alternative energy.

The meter wheels are spinning forwards and backwards at Miller-Bowersox Funeral Home, resulting in  reduced energy costs for the business. Owner Jeremy Bowersox installed a photovoltaic solar system on the roof this summer, with the modern source of electricity operational in September.

“We like the idea of environmental stewardship, and the tax advantage was significant,” he said.

Tax breaks are still available for consumers, some just until the allotted funding runs out. Bowersox received a $7,500 Pennsylvania tax credit and a 30 percent federal rebate for his project.

Conditions were right for the Greencastle facility. The layout at 521 S. Washington Street couldn’t have been planned better.

“The roof is perfect pitch for solar panels, and it is facing the perfect direction,” Bowersox said.

He expects the endeavor to break even in six years, and already the system is making more electricity than the installation company predicted. Because Bowersox did not include equipment to store power, in case of an electrical outage in the area, he will be without power like everyone else.

The funeral home does not depend upon the weather only for energy. On sunny days, the panels generate power and send any excess into the electrical grid. On rainy or overcast days, the building draws its power from that same grid.

Bowersox is pleased with the manufacturer’s warranty. For the next 25 years, the panels must be at least 80 percent productive. And the potential remains to be free of electrical bills.

“We’re thrilled with it,” he said. “It’s a win-win moneywise and for the environment.”