Nordstrom not talking Antrim

Pat Coggins chatted with visitors at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast. He updated the crowd on the status of Antrim Commons Business Park.

Atapco had a good year at its Antrim Commons Business Park, but not as good as the developers had hoped. Pat Coggins, executive with Atapco Properties, reported such to guests at the Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce breakfast Oct. 22 at John Allison Public House. Atapco had been chasing Nordstrom as a tenant, but it did not appear the park would be selected, he said.

The Echo Pilot published last week that the company chose a site in Lancaster County for its warehouse.

Nordstrom has yet to make the official announcement on which of the three finalists gets its internet fullfillment center, but Coggins remarked, "They are not talking to us any more."

He joked that he hoped the deal fell through with their choice, so Nordstrom would come calling again.

"We have been the bridesmaid on a couple deals. There are Fortune 500 companies out there. Eventually we will get one."

Atapco has landed Hub One and Gate 7 as tenants, and was courting a major client that would use the final 250 acres, plus another 160 acres under option. Coggins said the potential tenant talks with them every year, but then renews its lease at its present location.

Atapco worked extensively with Antrim Township and the engineering firm Frederick, Seibert & Associates on developing the business park. Coggins said it was a nice relationship; that he and his peers felt a part of the community.

The developer was funding the utility relocation at exit 3 and the addition of turn lanes at Commerce Avenue, while PennDOT was handling the installation of a traffic signal, widening part of Route 11 and resurfacing the bridge. Once all of the work was complete, Sheetz was set to close on its lot in ACBP. Coggins reported that at Atapco's urging, the retailer agreed to put in four diesel pumps. It also planned a drive-through food service.