Baker’s Nook heading south

Lena Weaver, left, and Leah Risser have worked together for a year, and are ready to take their business to the next level. The sisters are moving Baker’s Nook to a storefront closer to Center Square to attract pedestrian traffic and be near community events.

While still trying to determine the one item people can’t live without, Baker’s Nook owners Leah Risser and Lena Weaver are not sitting still. They are moving to a new location at 12 S. Carlisle St., planning to be open by Nov. 5.

The original store opened in December in the second block of North Carlisle Street. The sisters discovered it was too far off the beaten path.

“We rely on foot traffic,” said Risser. “People don’t know we are here, or don’t notice us when they drive by, since we are in a residential area.”

They have been pleased with business, nevertheless. The public has been purchasing their breads, muffins, cookies, seasonal pies, custom cakes, and lunch menu of soups and sandwiches.

At the new site, formerly a pizza shop, Risser and Weaver will have a little more space, and split the use of the sides. One half will carry the baked goods and seating for diners; the other side will be the “Cozy Coffee Nook”, where people can hang out to visit or use free Wifi.  The duo will emphasize their lunches and expand the coffee selections to include lattes, capuccino and other specialties.

With the different arrangement, “we will also be more customer-friendly, since we will be able to see people come in the door,” said Weaver.

Risser is the head baker and runs the store. Weaver is the office manager and takes care of the finances. They have one fulltime employee and two part-time employees.

They laugh at their mission to find a premier product. Customers tell them what they want to see in the display windows, but the following week the demand changes. Bread may be popular for a run; then it is the soft pretzels.

Baker’s Nook also welcomes custom orders for pies, cakes, dessert trays, cookie trays, or whatever people need. In the new place, they eventually hope to also be open on Mondays.

The current store hours are Tuesday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The phone number is 717-593-0405.