ATMA must be patient on grant


Antrim Township won't find out for two more months whether it will receive a PennWorks grant for sewer projects. Public works director Carl Rundquist told ATMA members Monday night that the announcement had been postponed from September to Nov. 21. ATMA applied for $2.44 million through the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development.

He also notified members Rodney Eberly, Chad Murray, Elwood Myers and Dale Hostetter that he was pursuing mandatory testing of the headworks. Rick Baer was absent.

Rundquist said the testing of the pretreatment program was required as per the NPDES permit, so it occurred every five years. The process was expensive, with $25,000 already approved for engineering, and the test itself, conducted by a lab, would be $33,000. Rundquist said a pickup load of samples would be taken away.

"We are behind the eight-ball on this," he reported. "It is something we need to get done as soon as possible, and we don't get much out of it."

Since the test fell into the operations category, the matter would be brought to the Antrim Township supervisors, he added.

He also said ATMA would not have to buy any nutrient credits this year as things were running well at the wastewater treatment plant. The reasons were less flow and better procedures by employees. The nitrogen level was significantly lower than in the past.

"We're learning things as we go," Rundquist said.