Changes to South Carlisle parking

Residents in the townhomes along South Carlisle Street will find parking more convenient, perhaps as soon as this week. Borough council authorized the public works department to move the no parking sign closer to the U.S. 11 intersection. The hope is that congested parking on the west side of the street will be alleviated.

Parking will be eased for residents of South Carlisle Street, following action by Greencastle borough council on July 1.

Earlier, neighbors on the west side of the street, near the U.S. 11 intersection, had asked council to consider changes because they were having touble getting into and out of their driveways. Since parking was banned on the east side of the street, in front of the first complex of six townhouses, those residents parked on the western side.

With the blessing of the Public Safety Committee and Greencastle Police Department, who had investigated the complaint, council unanimously agreed to adjust the parking.

The ‘No Parking This Side of Sign” sign will be moved forward 40 feet. It will be near the entrance to the lift station, just off the curved exit from U.S. 11.

Council also approved amending the ordinance to make the legends uniform on all parking meters, with coins required from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (some meters now say 6 p.m.), and exemptions for Sundays and named borough-observed holidays.