Tasty fare helps G-A MAAX

Clarence Sprenkle, center, is flanked by Aaron Hartman and Rick Freeman Jr., from Greencastle Bronze and Granite. The business is hosting occasional Cajun Cookin’ sales. Sprenkle’s specialty is meat flavored with southern spices. Proceeds benefit G-A MAAX.

A local business offered to help G-A MAAX in its fundraising efforts to pay costs associated with renovating Kaley Field. Greencastle Bronze and Granite, 400 N. Antrim Way, has been the site of two cajun cookin' sales, and more are planned over the summer.

Rick Freeman Jr. approached G-A MAAX with the idea.

"They are one of the bigger charities in Greencastle," Freeman said. "That's my school, and I played sports there. The community seems really involved in G-A MAAX, and the more money we raise, the less taxes out of our pockets."

Clarence Sprenkle is the chef behind the grill. He owned Cajun Cookin' on Antrim Way South from 1991 to 2000, and then ran his business in Hagerstown, Md. through 2002.

"I've been doing fundraisers for about two years now," he said. "I help out non-profit organizations. I try to give back to the community."

He prepares sandwiches of pork tenderloin, sirloin beef tips, fried catfish and fried oysters. Salad, chips and drinks are also available.

The schedule is dependent on Sprenkle's availability, but people driving on Antrim Way and Walter Avenue should keep their eyes peeled on Fridays and Saturdays. A canopy and tantalizing odors mean the cook is in business.