1950s Greencastle car now on the streets in Norway

Tom Danielsen, right, Oslo, Norway, owns a car once the property of the late G. Fred Ziegler of Greencastle. Danielsen’s son Mikkel, 17, “has a keen interest in the car, and he is getting his driving lessons in it as well.”

A 1956 Packard Clipper Deluxe purchased new by G. Fred Ziegler, longtime publisher of the Echo Pilot, is now motoring around Norway.

Tom Danielsen, 65, Oslo, tracked down the local paper based on limited information he had regarding Ziegler. He thought the vehicle’s whereabouts could be a “curiosity” for readers.

Danielson purchased the vintage Packard two years ago from someone who imported it from Florida two years before that.

Previous owners believe Ziegler bought it new, and sold it when his health deteriorated. There are no records of how it got to Florida.

“The car has had a major upgrade by me, especially the transmission, suspension and brakes,” wrote Danielsen by email. “I use it as a daily driver during the summer and as a show car.”

The model has a 352 cubic inch V8 240 HP engine. The transmission is Twin-Ultramatic with torsion level suspension, a Packard specialty, said Danielsen, a retired engineer. It has Easamatic power brakes and gets 10 to 12 miles per gallon.

He is a member of EAC1977, (Eight American Cars), a club for owners of cars made by the “independent” American   manufacturers Packard, Hudson, Nash, Kaiser (Frazer), Studebaker, Willys, Henry J and De Soto. Overall, the members own approximately 300 cars, with about 150 still on the road.

The club exhibits some of the old automobiles during the summer and is planning a museum.