New yellow lines direct traffic in Greencastle's square

PennDOT added yellow directional lines to Center Square on Nov. 8.

Almost in the blink of an eye, PennDOT was in Center Square last week altering the traffic configuration. At the request of borough council, it painted yellow lines to direct traffic around the stone planter. Through the years, some motorists have become confused on how to get through the intersection of Carlisle and Baltimore streets.

Four operators of a paint truck, and four flagmen showed up at 8:30 a.m. and were done about 10 a.m. They used an eradicating machine to take off the white stop bars on North and South Carlisle Street. Then a large paint truck, with cabs at both ends, put down yellow paint lines angled to the direction of travel. The purpose is to make sure drivers bear right around the planter. They can then turn right, go straight or turn left.

New white stop bars to be installed on Carlisle will help people know where to stop after they pull forward from the traditional stop sign.

Chuck Donbaugh, paint crew foreman, is in charge of a PennDOT territory that includes Franklin County. Mike Arnold supervises maintenance work in Greencastle for the county office, including the traffic controllers.

They waited to pick up the orange traffic cones after the last layer of paint dried within four minutes. They hoped the project would be beneficial.

“People drive on these lines like they aren’t even there,” said Donbaugh.

With the new pattern, both expressed concern about vehicles parked in the last stalls on every corner. They hoped they wouldn’t get clipped.

They also knew from experience that the planter itself gets struck frequently.

“I’d like to move it off the square,” said Arnold.

Donbaugh recommended a strong fence.

The line painting was done at no cost to the borough.