Gas work at Greencastle intersection being done at night

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Contracted crews locate the various utility lines under the street. After initial excavation, they vacumm the dirt away in order to identify the gas, water, sewer and fiberoptic lines.

A major intersection in Greencastle operates as usual by day, but at night it is a whole ‘nother story. Route 16 at U.S. 11 is a flurry of activity this week, and into next, as Columbia Gas replaces old pipe with new.

Crews start up after the evening rush, and are gone before the morning commutes begin. They began work Monday night, with flagmen directing traffic as the signal lights blinked yellow.

Columbia is taking out approximately 600 feet of a steel main, and will install plastic, which doesn’t carry the potential to corrode. The laborers in hardhats started on 16 in front of Hardees, and will at some point cross 11, and also go south.

The intersection will receive a major upgrade in the near future, so more interruptions should be expected. The Borough of Greencastle has done the engineering and obtained rights of way to add three right turn lanes to accomodate the heavy flow of traffic.