WHAT'S GOING ON with the sign at the Highline Coffee House and Cafe?

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
This sign went up at Highline Coffee House and Cafe on Dec. 27.

Kim Robinson, owner of Highline Coffee House and Cafe, 101 W. Baltimore St., has applied for a new liquor license and an amusement permit. As required by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the notice is posted on the exterior of the business. It was put up on Dec. 27 and will be in place for 30 days.

The PLCB Bureau of Licensing allows four ways for a business to obtain a liquor license. They are: as a new one is available due to an opening in the quota (one license per 3,000 inhabitants), during a change in ownership of a business, by transferring an existing license to a new location, or from a person to person and place to place transfer.

An amusement permit is required if entertainment is furnished.

The price of the license is determined by the marketplace.

HIghline opened in the fall of 2010.