Susquehanna to use Tower location in town after merger

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Susquehanna Bank has plans to close its branch near the Greencastle square and conduct business from the current Tower location across the street. All this will follow the acquisition of Tower by Susquehanna in 2012.

The merger of Susquehanna Bank and Graystone Tower Bank is scheduled to be completed on Feb. 17, 2012, pending the necessary shareholder and regulatory approvals. Stephen Trapnell, corporate communications manager for Susquehanna, told the Echo Pilot via email that although there is no immediate consolidation of the Greencastle offices expected at the time of the merger, current plans call for the Susquehanna Bank office at 35 N. Carlisle St. to close later in 2012. The accounts will transfer to the office at 40 Center Square, which is currently a Tower Bank office. The exact date of the consolidation has not been determined, since work will need to be done to prepare the branch to accommodate the combined activity of the two offices.

“Greencastle is a key market for both Susquehanna Bank and Tower Bank, and we want to ensure that the office offers the staff, amenities and convenience to provide excellent service to all customers of the combined banks. Once the merger is completed, Susquehanna Bank expects to have nine locations in Franklin County,” Trapnell wrote.