WHAT'S GOING ON? ... on the sidewalks of Greencastle?


Portable signs are common on the streets of downtown Greencastle as businesses promote their services to motorists and pedestrians. However, the placement of some may not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. At times, tables and sandwich boards restrict the free flow of sidewalk traffic.

The Borough of Greencastle does not have a specific ordinance to address the signs, though the matter has been brought to borough council a few times in the past. In the Borough Code, zoning chapter 205-27 lists some regulations and 205-56 defines types of signs. Nothing speaks to the clearance issue to assure every citizen can move easily from one place to another using the public sidewalks.

Greencastle officials said the expectation is that temporary signs allow three feet of clearance, and permanent signs allow four feet. With new ADA curbing on Baltimore and Madison streets, it is logical for residents to expect that the sidewalks are also compliant with standards that serve people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters or even strollers.