EMBARQ and CenturyTel launch CenturyLink brand

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

EMBARQ and CenturyTel officially launched the new CenturyLink brand last week throughout the company's 33-state service area. CenturyLink began its brand advertising at the end of August, and customers will begin seeing the new name and logo on bills, buildings and vehicles beginning later this month. While the names are changing, the way customers interact will mostly remain the same.

What's changing?

— Customers from both companies will begin seeing the CenturyLink name and logo on their bills and should begin making checks payable to CenturyLink.

— Building and store signs will begin changing to CenturyLink.

— Customers visiting the and Web sites will now be redirected to a Web site.

— CenturyTel and EMBARQ employees will begin answering the phone using the CenturyLink name.

What's not changing?

— CenturyTel and EMBARQ customers' e-mail addresses will stay the same. Only new customers who sign up for broadband service will receive a CenturyLink email address.

— There will be no changes to customers' phone numbers or local service.

— Current customer service contact numbers and business hours will remain the same.

“CenturyLink is committed to offering our customers advanced communications services that improve lives and make businesses stronger. We expect to offer personal service in every market we serve,” said Gerald Piper, vice president and general manger of     operations for Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“Our hope is that when our customers see the CenturyLink name and logo, they will visualize a company that connects them to what matters most — each other. We plan to create our brand by linking customers locally, nationally and beyond to the people, entertainment and information that enables them to live and work better.”