Excess salt applied on roads gets into stream, French Creek.

I read in the paper where the use of road salt is affecting the environment. I live just north of the Erie-Crawford county line. For 25 years I have been trying to get the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to stop overlapping salt applications for a quarter mile from the Crawford County line to Club Road.

The truck from Crawford County comes north to Club Road spreading salt, turns around and goes south spreading on into Crawford County. The Erie County truck comes south also spreading salt into Crawford County. Sometimes these trucks are within five minutes of each other.

So what one truck puts down, the other lays another application on top. All I asked was for each truck to stop spreading at the line. I don't understand what is so hard about that. There is a stream that crosses under the road that collects all of the salt and grit they use on the road. This is a low point on the road in both directions. This excessive salt and grit ends up in a stream, depositing the grit in the ponds on the golf course, which are filling up, and the salt ends up in the south branch of French Creek and so on. Whoever reads this, I hope someone can help.

– Jimmy Morvay, Union City

Recognition of the first

female doctors welcome

Congratulations to the Erie Times-News and especially to Valerie Myers on the recent article about the first female doctors. The article articulated these women’s successes as well as the shameful impediments cast in front of them.

Especially captivating were the achievements as well as the disappointments of Adella Brindle Woods, who practiced right here in Erie on French Street and promoted the pasteurization of milk, a pure water supply and childhood immunization.

The broader lessons here are perseverance against adversity and, especially, the damage done by mindless prejudice.

Thank you so much for your recognition of these people who performed so admirably and with little recognition in their own time.

– Thomas Falasca, D.O., for the physicians of the Erie County Medical Society

Moving manufacturing

abroad weakens U.S.

Manufacturing is a sign of greatness in countries around the world. The coronavirus occurring in China is a wake-up to all of us in the United States concerning the effects of companies moving their manufacturing out of the U.S.

I was unaware that many of the ingredients in our drugs are manufactured in China. We import steel products, clothing, food, toys, shoes, and the list goes on and on. We all enjoy the low prices for goods manufactured outside of the U.S. I'm guilty of this myself.

I've worked in manufacturing all of my life and have seen products purchased abroad, especially steel products. They come into our country wrapped up and coated with substances to prevent rusting that to some were an irritant. Are we concerned that along with these products, what else do these products offer besides a cheaper option for us the consumers?

I'm not an isolationist but we must be aware of the consequences and dangers in seeking lower prices and higher profits. We weaken our country when we lose our manufacturing power, and can we as a nation recover our manufacturing base quickly enough to overcome instances such as what we are experiencing right now?

– Gerald Servidio, Erie

Rejecting God stands

as its own punishment

I agree with some of what Mark Amatangelo wrote in his recent letter. He does have the right to have his anti-God letters published. Also, he is correct in that some of our religious leaders have failed us.

But I think we need to be careful and not judge God on the actions of an imperfect church. I believe that this world is like a prison cell that we walk around in, and that Jesus comes and unlocks the door and pleads with us to follow him home. Alas, many of us refuse and instead want to stay in the cell, but one day the cell door will be slammed shut.

Whatever that is bad here, like anger, sadness, denial, frustration, etc., will be amplified in hell. Separation from God is its own punishment. As for his existence, there are clues that he is real, such as the design of our bodies and of the universe. The universe is so finely tuned that if any one of the universal constants, like gravity for example, was off the tiniest of fractions, then life would not be possible.

Belief in God explains the origin of the universe and how it works better than the alternative. Yes, God is unprovable scientifically, but he can be provable personally by humbling ourselves sincerely.

– Dave Heintzel, Erie