A recent anti-driver letter made inaccurate claims.

Red-light cameras were just banned in Texas and were sunset several years ago in New Jersey. In Philadelphia, crashes increased after installation; some cameras were 3 percent accurate. There was an FBI investigation, and two employees are seeking federal whistleblower protection. Furthermore, last year a Wilkes-Barre newspaper called for a review of the state's red-light camera law after reports came out indicating cameras are not helpful.

To be profitable, safe drivers may be cited. Yellow lights can be too short, people cited a split-second after the light changes, for stopping beyond the stop line, or making an incomplete stop before turning on red. These are not people deliberately blowing through lights. If you want this statewide, you will end up with a ticket, regardless of your safe driving habits.

Speeding and the associated risks were overstated, as most speed limits are posted well below the 85th percentile. You see cops exceeding the limits since the limits are too low. Raise them for safety. Poor engineering and predatory ticketing of traffic laws are unsafe.

The letter vastly overstated the crash data. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation data has shown that our roads are the safest ever, and have been for years. Ticketing should not be to profiteer. It should be used to discourage truly unsafe driving.

I encourage everyone to become aware of how the state wants your money and tell your state senator, state representative and the governor no more anti-driving laws.

— James Sikorski Jr., Wapwallopen, National Motorists Association


Catholics oppose both

birth control and abortion

How can U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, of Butler, R-16th Dist., be against both birth control and abortion? My only explanation is he is a Catholic and shares his church's position. The Catholic Church, like Kelly, wants it both ways.

— Jane McDonald, Erie


Limiting emissions tests

hurts small Pa. businesses

The Republicans on the Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee just approved a bill that would limit emissions testing.

Hold on!

My research tells me that this is likely to cost Pennsylvania its federal money for highways because it will violate the Clean Air Act. Proponents are saying that only about 3 percent of vehicles fail this test. But when you consider about 8 million vehicles in Pennsylvania, this comes out to about 240,000 vehicles spewing fumes into the air. I'm old enough to remember when the air was foul because of cars.

And Pennsylvania inspection stations are required to buy brand new emissions testing machines by Nov. 1 of this year. Some have already bought them.

These machines cost about $5,000. For a small shop with one or two employees, this is an enormous expense — and now possibly an expense without much return on investment.

I thought Republicans were all about small business. With this legislation, they are showing their true colors.

— Pam Nolan, Washington Township


Four more years of Trump?

We know what to expect

That was a great editorial about our refugees in Erie. They are remarkable people indeed, and you listed Selman Ferati with his six children as a special case. I have worked with his son for more than 10 years at the Jefferson Educational Society. He came from Kosovo at 15, got degrees, and is our first Muslim president of the society. I was born in Erie and went to Harvard and Oxford, and he speaks better English than I do. He understands Erie better as well.

Your editorial will not please President Donald Trump or his followers. They keep limiting the refugee intake in Erie — from 600 to 700 to 175 per year as you point out. You also say: "That approach is wrong in spirit, given the impact on the world's most vulnerable people."

Trump can win the 2020 election with policies like this. It resonates among millions, alas. He also can win by calling his opponents socialists, losers and crooks; tell 10 lies per day. Love Fox News. Fire White House staff. Keep the family and toadies.

And add these delightful items: Expel illegals, separate families, cage kids.

Smear Muslims, transgender people and women.

Beat the press, admire dictators, ignore allies.

Squeeze Iran, squash Iraq, starve Sudan.

Sock science, stop abortions, whack health care.

Cut corporate taxes, burn coal, force tariffs, fire the Fed.

Slur Sen. John McCain, build the wall, lock her up.

Four more years of this "extremely stable genius," as he calls himself? It certainly can happen. Goodbye, American dream.

— Rev. Charles Brock, Erie